Cure for Cancer 2019

A small team of Israeli scientists claims to have found the cure for cancer and they have said that they will be able to make it available to patients within one year. The news was reported by an Israeli newspaper a few weeks ago.

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How does it work?

Cancer treatment: stem cell can be helpful in this

The report stated that a team of scientists has finally developed a treatment that works like an antibiotic against cancer. The treatment is called MuTaTo or multi-target toxin. In the regimen, the scientists developed a peptide that specifically targets cancer cells and is designed in such a way that it only works against these harmful cells.

Dan Arido, one of the scientists who work for this firm, revealed that the treatment would be completed in one year and they will be able to offer the medication to patients very soon.

Next cure for cancer will be effective from day 1

cure for cancerHe also said that the treatment would be effective from day 1. The regimen will last only for a few weeks, and there will be no side effects to the patients. Additionally, this treatment option will also be available at a much lower cost than other medicines against cancer currently available in the market.

According to the team, each patient will receive a personalized treatment that will work against their particular condition. The CEO of the company also revealed that the treatment would not be affected by mutations because they have developed multiple targeted receptors. It is highly unlikely that several mutations will occur at the same time changing all these receptors.

The study was conducted on a group of mice, and it shows very promising results. There was a definite inhibition of cancer cell growth in these mice, and there were no side effects.