Cure for Cancer

Researchers have been working on the cure for cancer for a long time now. They have been exploring every angle looking for a potential solution for this problem. Fortunately, there has been some development which could turn out to be a great help in the queue related research.

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Digital visualization of mitosis achieved

Scientists have revealed that they have achieved digital visualization of Mitosis for the first time. The science division of Allen Institute developed an integrated mitotic cell tool which researchers can use to see the stages of Mitosis in a 3D manner.

Cancer cure

Mitosis can be defined as the process of division of cells. It is the foundation stone by which growth and cell regeneration occur in every living being. Fully understanding the process can help in finding a cure for cancer because the disorder develops when there is abnormal mitosis in the cells.

How will it help in cancer research

If we have a well-developed understanding of how mitosis takes place in healthy cells, we may be able to further the biological research necessary for understanding what makes the process go wrong in cancer cases.

Cancer research cure

We have known about the presence of mitosis for 140 years now, but for the first time ever, we may be able to witness the process digitally. A holistic view of the phenomenon is undoubtedly an essential step towards the research.

Dr. Rick Horwitz, executive director of Allen Institute for Cell Science, said,

“Visualization of the data is critical. Once you see this process as a complete picture, you can start to uncover new, unexpected relationships and ask and answer completely new questions about cell division.”