Call of Duty 2019 Release Date

Call of Duty 2019 is already getting a lot of hype as Activision will drop the next title in the near future.

According to the release schedule, this year’s Call of Duty will be developed by Infinity Ward. In a statement, in February 2019 President of Activision confirmed that the development of Call of Duty 2019 is in full swing.

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According to the investor meeting report, the game will be rooted in franchise history which solidifies the rumor that the next title is from Morden Warfare.


President of Activision Rob Kostich confirmed that the game will feature a new campaign mode, huge and expansive map with multiplayer capability. The game is also touted to feature a co-op based gameplay.

Call of Duty 2019

As all the rumors have suggested the game is likely to be Modern Warfare title which means the story is set in the present.

The next title of COD is likely to feature all the modern guns and warfare mechanics. We could get our favorite characters like Captain Price, Ghost, and Captain MacTavish.

Since the title is set in modern context the next is not going to feature sliding and wall running like Call of Duty Infinite Warfare. COD: Infinite Warfare received a lot of flak for featuring these movement mechanics.

Supported Platforms

This year’s COD will be available on both ps4 and Xbox. The game will also be available on PC.

There is no official word on the support for Nintendo Consoles.

Call of Duty 2019 Price

Release Date

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick told investors that the game will drop in the fall. It is highly possible that Call of Duty will be coming in November.

However, the hardcore Call of Duty fans knows that the developer will launch a beta programme 2-3 weeks before the actual launch date to iron out the bugs. Beta programme will be available on all major platforms so keep an eye on the date.