Call of Duty 2019 will be released in November.

Call of Duty 2019 is coming out soon and we have some exciting news related to it. Curious?

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is just some months around us. We are listening about the new game that Infinity Ward is working on right now. It is the 2019 Call of Duty but the name is still under process.

The release date, gameplay, platform and all are leaked. You should also know that this is the most anticipated game of 2019.

What is the release date of the Call of Duty 2019?

It is very obvious of Activision when to release the game. Every year the firm releases its game in October or November. And this time it’s gonna be the same. No reason by Activision to change.

Every Call Of Duty is launched in first week of Nov.
The Call of Duty 2019 will be released in November. Credits: Charlie INTEL

But with the exception to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, all the past versions of the game were launched in the first week of November every year. Will Activision change the dates? We need to wait for an official announcement.

Platforms compatible with 2019 Call Of Duty

According to the leaks, I comprehend that the Call of Duty 2019 will be available for PS4, Xbox One and even for the PC. All the Call of Duty in the market is available for all the three platforms.

Will the Call of Duty 2019 be also compatible with Nintendo Switch? Not sure just for the reason that none of the earlier versions was. But as per the developments in the gaming world, games are getting more and more advanced.

The Call Of Duty 2019 can have a hybrid console compatibility.
The earlier versions of Call of Duty didn’t support any hybrid consoles. Credits: Press Start Australia

Games are getting compatibility with multiple hybrid consoles and making the experience much better than ever. So we hope that Call of Duty might come with the compatibility.

Who is involved in making Call of Duty 2019 title?

Activision currently is having a group of three studios that work on developing a title for a game. They all work in a queue to develop a title for the game.

This year title of the Call of Duty is being developed by Infinity Ward. The last CoD: WW2 was developed by Sledgehammer and the Cod: Black Ops 4 was developed by Treyarch.

Gameplay Rumours of Call of Duty 2019

The game is still under development but some features with the help of rumours regarding the Call of Duty 2019.

Will a single player campaign would be available? Not that Activision has given us any indication about it. But as Cod: Black Ops 4 lowered the traditional single-player campaign. It is guiding us to the conclusion that the Call of Duty 2019 might drop that too.

Call of Duty 2019 might have a single-layer campaign in it.
The Call Of Duty 2 single player experience. Credits: YouTube

But this also got negated by the job listing done by Infinity Ward. The job listing was done regarding the temporary need of designers for single player experience.

This means that the Call of Duty 2019 can have a single player campaign. Kudos to all who enjoy single player gaming. Good news also for those who like the online multiple-player experience.

CoD 2019 will have multiplayer experience as well incorporated as a different mode.

Can the Call of Duty 2019 be called Modern Warfare 4?

Activision has given no indication as to the title neither did Infinity Ward. But Matt Harris who has a track record of miss-hit claims something for us. The Call of Duty 2019 could be called Modern Warfare 4.

The Call of Duty 2019 could be Modern Warfare 4.
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 could be the title of a 2019 release. Credits: charlieINTEL

But why Modern Warfare 4? This comes due to the announcement done by Craig Fairbrass. He said on Twitter that,

I have worked on  Modern Warfare 1/2/3/4.

All others have been launched and the remaining one will be this year. This is also accompanied by news given by charlieINTEL sources. These sources comprehend that Modern Warfare 4 is the title for the game.

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