Jacksonville Jaguars were one of the worst teams in NFL last season and they are looking to improve in 2019 games. While they won just 5 games in 2018 season even after making to the AFC Championship, things will be different this time. Jaguars have replaced Blake Bortles with the legendary quarterback Nick Foles and the team can come out on top. Here are the NFL predictions for Nick Foles, Dede Westbrook and Chris Conley to take the Jaguars in 2019 playoffs.

Return of MVP Nick Foles

NFL Predictions Jaguars 2019 Playoffs Nick Foles Return

Nick Foles was the main reason why the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl in 2018 and it might be tough to repeat the same for the Jaguars. It is not like Foles have some magic and he will fix everything for the Jaguars, there are other factors involved too. The fans in Jacksonville have high expectation from Nick Foles and hope that the NFL MVP can return to its original form.

1000 Yards for Dede Westbrook

NFL Predictions Jaguars 2019 Playoffs Dede Westbrook 1000 yards

Dede Westbrook is slowly becoming the best wide receiver in an otherwise dull Jacksonville Jaguars side. In the 2018 NFL season, Westbrook had 66 receptions for 717 yards and five touchdowns. There are high chances that Nick Foles picks up Dede as his main supporter and the two can make the Jaguars a strong offensive side. If the Jags wants to move ahead in the competition, Westbrook has to throw for 1000 yards or more.

Strong Debut for Chris Conley

NFL Predictions Jaguars 2019 Playoffs Chris Conley Debut

Chris Conley and Nick Foles were teammates and became good friends with each other when they used to play together in Kansas City Chiefs. The Jaguars have never tested Conley and he will be making his debut for the team in NFL 2019 season. There are high chances that Conley makes a strong debut and end up as the main wide receiver of Jacksonville Jaguars after the season ends.

Jaguars in 2019 Playoffs

Jagaurs in Playoffs
AFC South was earlier a tough place with the Houston Texans and Indianapolis Colts leading the division table. But ever since Andrew Luck’s retirement and Jadeveon Clowney’s trade issues, things have changed. There is an opening and the Jaguars can use the opportunity to lead the division title and also make it to the playoffs. Nick Foles, Chris Conley, Dede Westbrook and others are enough to finish the job.

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