We all like to hear stories of people who overcome the odds and make it big through hard work, perseverance, and sheer force of will. The stories about how some of the richest and most powerful people made their millions are too romantic and overlook important details.

When it came to helping lay the foundations of their business empires, Jeff Bezos and others had a huge leg-up. There are families with lots of money.


Jon Emanrlich suggested that Jeff Bezos was a self-made billionaire.


Bezos’ parents invested a lot of money into Amazon to help him. As pointed out by Aidan Smith.


Other famous billionaires had a lot of help because they had wealthy and powerful family members.
He (Smith) said something about Bill Gates.


Here’s what Aidan had to say about Warren Buffet.


Without the expensive tuition he received, Mark Zuckerberg might not be who he is today.


Smith even mentioned the Waltons and the Kochs.


Not to mention the fact that some claim that Kylie Jenner is a self-made billionaire.


The moral of the story is that people shouldn’t beat themselves up for being poor because a lot of very successful people had financial help and support.

Smith told us that he has a decent following and that he’s familiar with his posts going viral. I was pleasantly surprised by how much of an impact this was.

It is harmful to believe those famous billionaires are self-made when they aren’t. Even in the rare cases in which people from a working-class background accumulate a lot of wealth, it is still not self-made because of the ruthless exploitation of others.

While Bezos may have started Amazon in his parents’ garage when he was 30 years old, people tend to forget that his parents invested more than two million dollars in Amazon in 1995 and that Bezos worked in Wall Street before committing to Amazon.

If Bezos’ parents kept their holdings in the company, their shares would be worth 30 billion dollars. According to the findings of Bloomberg.

It is not clear how much of the stock Bezos’s parents still own. They could be among the 30 wealthiest people in the world.

Bezos and others are successful, talented, dedicated, and not afraid to take risks, but they are not entirely self-made.

The internet was interested in Aidan’s thread. It got over 500k likes, 150k retweets, and started a discussion.

Some people were surprised to learn of the things that Aidan shared. Others agreed with his message. People are getting upset at people becoming successful even if they did not use their parents’ money. Some internet users said that poor people are told it is their fault that they don’t become rich.


People had different opinions after reading the posts. Some thought that success is a success no matter what others thought.