If honesty is the best policy, then people on Twitter know how to follow the rules. With only 280 characters to express themselves, Twitter users aren’t afraid to be as honest as possible in a few words. Check out the most honest Twitter tweets posted.


1. How to play the system.


2. That’s one of the worst career advice ever.


3. Imagine this causing a Rabbit hole.


4. No one ever got hurt by a little validation.


5. What was it on again?


6. What she actually meant.


7. He got played by her.


8. Trip fields of the employees.


9. Issues in the flight.


10. An awkward encounter with the aliens.


11. The book fair that’s unfair.


12. The elbow shouldn’t be forgotten.


13. “It’s totally your move, I.R.S.”


14. Don’t let the phone calls happen.


15. There’s absolutely nothing in between anything.


16. Looking thirty years younger.


17. There’s no way to win this game.


18. False horoscopes.


19. This guy’s living in the matrix.


20. Stress management is very much required.


21. Please be careful, readers!


22. So many decisions to be made.


23. *awaiting Cricket noises*


24. Interesting rumor.


25. This is for people having trust issues.