Bruce Willis' daughter sharing childhood pictures

The bond between a father and daughter is sacred, and that includes the tight bond that Rumer Willis has with her father. A picture of Rumer and Bruce was recently shared. Rumer posted the fifth photo of her father in April. She, along with her other family members, have been publicly showing their love for Bruce, which is why he stepped away from his acting career. We can’t help but remember these warm photo flashbacks that show that even when the going gets tough, the family is still strong.


Rumer said that her father was ending his acting career.

In March, Rumer shared a picture of Bruce with a caption thanking her father’s supporters and explaining that due to health problems, her father will be walking away from his acting career. She wrote that his recent diagnosis of aphasia has had an impact on his cognitive abilities and that their family is supporting him as much as possible.


Rumer has been celebrating her childhood on social media.

One of the ways that Rumer shows her love for her dad is by posting childhood photos of her with him. She captioned this one that includes her sister, Scout Willis, with, “I love you Daddio, to the [Moon] and Back. Thank you for teaching me to be so silly. I love laughing with you.” She shares photos that represent love, silliness, and joy.


She enjoys light-hearted moments with her dad.

Sometimes a photo can say a million words, other times it’s just a little attitude. Rumer and Bruce give the camera a dose of their personality and project some goofy matching energy as a father-daughter duo.


She pays homage to Bruce as a girl dad.

Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah are the daughters of Bruce and Demi Moore. He and his current wife have two daughters. Bruce is a total girl dad, just as Rumer captioned this photo. Her sister, Emma, commented, saying “One of the best ones [girl dads] I know.” We think it gets cuter than this.


She makes our hearts melt with this one.

This post shows Bruce kissing Remer on her forehead when she was a kid in a picture the internet has never seen before. We can’t imagine a dry eye in the house after seeing this one.


Her most recent post gives us all the feeling.

The photo is very special because it shows Rumer and her father making the same facial expression. Rumer rests her chin on Bruce’s shaved head while she wears a white t-shirt. She seems to be holding his hat in her hands. As the oldest child, Rumer cherishes this moment that was taken in Idaho. The photo was captioned with wooden log emojis.


People can’t get enough of these photos.

Fans applaud both Rumer and Bruce for their “unbreakable bond”. Not everyone has strong relationships with their parents or children, so seeing this one is special for many.


The family is going to live it up.

The journey with Bruce’s family looks to be one that will last forever as he says goodbye to acting. Rumer says he and the family are going to live it up.


All of Bruce’s daughters love him.

Scout has been posting pictures of her and their dad. She thanked fans for showing Bruce so much love after hearing about his health problems, writing in her caption, “I am so grateful for your love, I’m so grateful to hear about what my papa means to you.” We don’t know the extent of Bruce’s illness, but it’s clear that his daughters are with him every step of the way.


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