NBC aired the finale of Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 on May 16, 2019. The season was premiered on January 10, 2019.

The show concluded with Jake’s mission to take down Commissioner Kelly. Jake and his friends gathered a strong team within the NYPD to take down Kelly.

The team was none another than Jake’s very own Suicide Squad. The members of Suicide Squad are Captain Bolt, Captain C.J, Madaline Wuntch, Vulture, Boyle, Amy, and our very own Jake.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 finale plot

Brooklyn Nine-Nine- Season 6

To bring the crime rate of New York down, Kelly was using illegal wiretaps. Captain Holt, Jake, and Charles discovered Kelly’s illegal action. To plan a fake crime, Jake formed his very own Suicide Squad.

The Suicide Squad succeeded in planning a fake crime so well, that Kelly was forced to utilize her gimmicky wiretapping technology.

Although Kelly was not arrested, he was fired eventually.

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This world is terrible Captain Holt

After a private sector employed Kelly, Captain Holt proclaimed,

“This world is terrible.”

Later, Madaline Wuntch was deployed as acting commissioner. She commenced her official authorities and discovers that Captain Holt served as a Patrolman only for a month. She demotes Captain Holt from the position of detective.

Madeline Wuntch has also earlier done something like this to Captain Holt. As the end arrived closer, she sent Captain Holt to the PR department.

Captain Holt directs traffic

As a result of demotion, Captain Holt is seen directing traffic. He was standing in the middle of 8th Ave.

Madaline Wuntch, the acting commissioner of NYPD, is expected to do something more in the Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 7.

On a hopeful aspect, Captain Holt demotion may add up the budget to cover Terry’s raise. This will probably hold the lieutenant’s relocation to the 112th Precinct in Staten Island.

Fans demand a quicker comeback of the show, to discover what awaits Captain Holt in the Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7.