Britney Spears told her 41.7 million fans and followers on Instagram that she has nerve damage on the right side of her body.

The 40-year-old superstar is sick because she was forced to stay in a hospital in 2019.

She talked about the health problems she’s been having in an Instagram video. She said that the nerve damage, which causes pain and numbness, has no cure.

Even so, she has found that dancing helps ease some of the effects of her illness.

‘I’m dancing in time now Victoria … yes … nerve damage on the right side of my body … there’s no cure except God I guess,’ she began in the caption, without explaining exactly who Victoria is.

She continued: ‘nerve damage is caused sometimes when you don’t get enough oxygen to your brain … your brain literally shuts down … blah blah blah old story … in that place I didn’t breathe when I was there … nerve damage causes parts of your body to go numb.’

Spears said that she wakes up in bed “like three times a week” with numb hands and “pins and needles” on the right side of her body.

‘It shoots up to my neck and the part that hurts the worst is my temple on my head … it stings and it’s scary,’ she explained, adding how ‘the last 3 years since I got out of that place I’ve been in a mild unconscious state … I couldn’t face it.’

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“That place” seems to be a reference to the hospital where Spears was put against her will in 2019 and which she has repeatedly called out.

‘It was like it was too scary to be here … although my instagram has been not up to par to most … hey hey hey it gave me existence and got me here,’ she continued, before sharing that she does’t ‘feel the pain when I dance.’

‘It’s like my mind literally goes to a place of my inner child. And although I don’t move like I use to … I truly believe my faith in it gave me strength … by the grace of God I finally found a medication where I actually feel oxygen going to my brain and through my neck,’ she wrote.

She then said that her health problems have gotten “a lot better” recently.

‘My eyes are more open now and I can hold my head up correctly … I’ve done a good job trying to pull it off. Either way I’m getting a lot better, I can breathe … I feel smarter because well, Jesus I can breathe now … either way, I’m breathing now and I can dance in time, Victoria … I send all my love to every single one of you … this is me this morning … I’m gonna vacuum now !!!’ she ended the post.

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