Tiger Woods is perhaps the best player in the game of golf, but his performance quality has dropped in recent times. He is getting old, has suffered from many injuries and his personal life has taken a toll on him. The British Open 2019 golf tournament is going on and fans wish Woods to win the title.

But opposite to their expectations, Woods is not confident in himself and thinks he has lost it. Even though Tiger has previously won the three British Open title trophies, he is not confident that he can repeat for the fourth time. Here are the reasons why Tiger Woods is not confident in himself for winning the British Open 2019.

Still Recovering from Back Injury

British Open 2019 Tiger Woods

During his recent game at the British Open, fans were cheering up for Tiger Woods and he acknowledged the fact with a down head. He was kind of tired and frustrated and a little hurting. The recent times have not been well for Woods and he has been mostly out of the game and played the last major event in April. Tiger Woods, who is currently 43 years old has to say this on his future in golf.

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I’m not moving as I used to do before. You need to move and shape the ball under such a situation. I couldn’t do it and everything was mixed up as I was hitting it solidly. I missed a lot of shot and I was just scraping my stick around. One of the reasons why I’m not giving out a solid effort is because I need to take it slow for a long career. I am unable to play as before and there are very fewer chances I make it to the finals.

The Home Disadvantage

British Open 2019 Tiger Woods retirement

While the physical form is one of the reasons for his poor performance, there are a lot of other factors also involved. Tiger Woods also thinks that his personal life is also hindering with his game. He has now a lot of responsibility, kids to take care off and family life.

There is no way he can practice for the same hours and go to the gym and workout as the young golf players. Woods said that he is trying his best to peak out, but there are very fewer chances at this stage of his life. Tiger Woods has a lot of money in his hands and there is no need to make efforts which puts him at any kind of risk.

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