Tiger Woods net worth richest golf player

Tiger Woods is the best in what he does and has won an estimated $122.5 million of cash prize. During the 2019 Tour Championship, Woods earned an amount of $4.6 million alone.

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A big part of Tiger Woods net worth doesn’t come from Golf

But his wins are not alone responsible for his money; Tiger also makes his money outside golf competition. Major of his incomes come from endorsements deals. During the peak in his career, Woods made $100 million annually. The Bridgestone Golf multiyear deal for exclusively playing with its golf balls is worth $1-2 million a year.

Tiger Woods net worth richest golf player
Credits: Golf Digest

For his clubs, Tiger Woods has signed an agreement with TaylorMade, and the amount is undisclosed. His signature irons are worth $2,000. Another deal with Nike got Woods around $11 million each year. Woods also has endorsement deals with sports card maker Upper Deck and Rolex. The golfer reportedly earns around $2 million every year from the deal signed with Monster Beverage.

Tiger’s apparel still flaunts Nike’s logo. Nike has sponsored Woods throughout his professional career, and it is his most loyal sponsor. They supported him through scandalous times when the other left him. Apart from the endorsements lost, the golfer’s divorce settlement in 2010 cost him around $100 million, which was around one-sixth of his fortune at that time.

Tiger Woods net worth richest golf player
Credits: Newser

Competition and sponsorship are not the only things that account for it. Woods’ golf course design work is also a major moneymaker. He began with his first course in Houston in the US in 2015. Since then, he has designed ten courses, including the Trump World Golf Club in Dubai. Woods also owns a restaurant and invested around $8 million into building The Woods Jupiter.

As of writing this, it is estimated that the net worth of Tiger Woods is approximately $740 million. As Woods steps closer to the billionaire status, he makes good use of his fortune and free time. He like to travel and owns a yacht named Privacy. Woods also owns a Gulfstream G550 private jet.