It can be very sensitive to bring children to a wedding. There are strong arguments that could be made. It is best to honor the wishes of the happy couple when they explicitly ask their guests not to bring their kids. It is their wedding day. They have plenty of time to find a babysitter. Some of the other guests might have hired certified professionals for their own children.

When guests don’t think that the rules apply to them, there are consequences. She asked the AITA community if she was a jerk for bringing her baby to her cousin’s wedding despite being told not to.

To read how other internet users reacted to the drama, scroll down for the full story in the new mom’s own words. We would like to hear from you when you are done. Who did you think was wrong? What would you have done? Do you have any upcoming weddings? Tell us about it in the comments.


Marriage couples usually tell their guests whether or not to bring kids to the wedding.


The guests don’t listen. There is a story about what happened when a mom brought her baby to the ceremony.

The AITA community is very united in their YTA verdicts. A lot of people thought that the mom was in the wrong because she did the thing that parents were told not to do. She brought her child.
The ceremony was disrupted by the baby. The thing that the couple was worried about actually happened.

She RSVP’d and told her cousin that she was going to bring her baby. The groom and his bride didn’t tell her again because they didn’t want to start a fight. The other guests were upset because they thought the Redditor was treated differently.

“Whether it be that kids of a certain age are welcome, only specific children of a few family and friends, or no kids at all,” guests should honor the couple’s wishes regarding kids at the ceremony.

“Please don’t take the inclusion or exclusion of your little ones personally (especially if the couple doesn’t have kids of their own to fully understand your situation) and remember—as nice as it is to bring your babes along to the celebration, it’s also an awesome opportunity for a fun night off if you’re asked to leave them with a sitter!” Some of the positive aspects of a childfree wedding should be looked at by parents, according to Anna and Sarah. Spending time with your partner, friends, and family is an opportunity. It is a date night in disguise.

“For marrying couples, the etiquette can be trickier. Newborns really need to be with their parents so please don’t ask for any babies under a few months to be left at home. It’s perfectly reasonable to ask for parents of older children to take the night off and leave them with a sitter, but the fairest way to do this is to make a blanket rule for everyone rather than picking and choosing which kids can come and who can’t.”


The majority of internet users were against what the mom did. They said that her behavior was wrong.