This is a list of the most important aspects of someone’s wedding: First, who you are married to. Secondly…

That’s all. There is only one.


It’s a short list but very accurate.

Note that this list is completely missing in some of the more material aspects of the wedding, such as dresses, places, and (most importantly, for some people) rings.


The wedding aspect sure sounds fun but that’s not the whole point of it.

After all, it’s about the person you promise to spend the rest of your life with. But some people quite not agree with this.


A bride joins a group of brides on Facebook to share in the wedding bliss that is to come.

According to the Daily Mail, the woman posted a photo of a group showing off a minimalist engagement ring consisting of a delicate 14k gold band and a single diamond.


The bride purchased the ring from an online retailer.

Known as the “minimalist band,” JSVConcepts sells rings on the Etsy website for around $132.

Simple and classy, ​​it was clearly perfect for this couple.

However, members of the female Facebook group had different emotions.


“Why do you even have a diamond on it?”

They said a lot about rings, especially how small diamonds are compared to more traditional gems. There were many opinions at once, all of whom were completely unaffected by the size of this engagement ring.


One person said that it was too pitiful and that they were sad.

Another likened the ring to a “paper clip” or a “pinch of aluminum foil in his hand.” It’s incredibly rude to tell a stranger that you’re happy with their ring!


Some people did get nasty with their comments.

Someone told the woman that she had formed a team of “world-class physicists and astronomers” to create a new device so that they could see her expletive ring.


“I guess neither of you wants people to know that you’re engaged huh,” a person commented.

I’m pretty sure if that was the case, she wouldn’t be happy posting her engagement ring on a Facebook group. The size of her ring is not equal to the amount of pride she has in her relationship!


Ultimately, all those comments mean absolutely nothing.

The woman is clearly happy with the minimalist ring. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have shared it on Facebook. And if she is happy, why shouldn’t we make her happier?

Who cares about the size of the ring? She marries the love of her own life. She has already won.