Jeanne Moore and Brendan Fraser were spotted walking the red carpet together for the first time in a long time.

The George of the Jungle actor, now 53 years old, arrived at the UK premiere of his newest film, The Whale, on Tuesday, which was also the seventh day of the 66th BFI London Film Festival. He looked dapper in a black suit as he made his way to the premiere.

At the Royal Festival Hall in London, the actor was seen with his girlfriend Jeanne Moore, and he was beaming from ear to ear the entire time.

Moore and Fraser only made their first public appearance together a month ago, when they attended the Venice Film Festival together. This was just their second public appearance together.

Jeanne exuded an air of glitz and glamour while wearing a sleeveless gown in tones of royal blue that was adorned with sequined floral embellishments.

According to the information provided on her website, Moore splits her time between the cities of New York and Los Angeles while working as a hair and makeup artist in the wedding and film industries. She is also skilled in the application of special effects makeup and prosthetics.

It is unknown how long the couple has been together, but Moore is the first person that Fraser has publicly acknowledged being in a relationship with after ending his marriage to his ex-wife Afton Smith.

The marriage between Fraser and Smith took place in 1998, and the couple has been blessed with three children: Griffin, Holden, and Leland.

In addition, earlier this week, Fraser got together with his former co-star from Bedazzled, Elizabeth Hurley.

Harold Ramis was the director of the updated version of the film which was a remake of the British comedy of the same name that came out in 1967. In the film, the actor known for The Mummy played the role of a lonesome man who makes a deal with the devil (played by Hurley) in exchange for seven wishes.

After watching a screening of Darren Aronofsky’s film The Whale on October 10 at The Ham Yard Hotel, the couple struck a pose for a photo after the event.

Fraser’s performance as the reclusive father Charlie in “The Whale,” in which he also plays a character who is dealing with severe obesity and coming to terms with the death of his lover, has garnered him widespread acclaim from the film’s reviewers on multiple occasions. Sadie Sink, who is best known for her role on the Netflix series Stranger Things, plays Fraser’s estranged daughter in the movie.

Fraser stated in an interview with Vanity Fair that his performance in the film was “all pedal and no gas,” but he did admit that he “wanted to know what he was capable of” when acting in a role that required more visceral acting.

As a consequence of this, Fraser stated in an interview with a magazine that it’s possible he’ll never act in a role similar to this one again, saying: “This may be the first and last time I ever do this again, so I gave it everything I’ve got. And I did. That’s all I got.”

And it certainly appears to be paying off, as numerous movie critics have already earmarked Fraser for consideration for an Academy Award in the following year.

Nicholas Barber, who reviewed the film for the BBC, gave his article the following title: “The Whale review: ‘Brendan Fraser deserves an Oscar'”.

Barber insistently writes the following in her critique: “Fraser richly deserves to be nominated for the best actor Oscar, and if that doesn’t happen, I won’t just eat my hat, I’ll eat as many pizzas and cheese-and-meatball sandwiches as Charlie gets through in the film.

“The Brenaissance is here.”

Fraser is the person who is most deserving of it!