The Breaking Bad movie

The Breaking Bad movie is currently in works and Vince Gilligan might have accidentally revealed Jesse Pinkman’s fate in it. There has been no official announcement about the movie but the shooting is going around the Albuquerque area since December.

And the great news is that the Breaking Bad movie will be released on Netflix before it goes to AMC. It used to be the reverse way before.

Breaking Bad series ending

Back in 2013, Gilligan had given an interview about Jesse Pinkman’s (Aaron Paul) character after the series ended. Walter White got shot and possibly killed by the white supremacist gang in the season finale. On the other hand, Pinkman managed to escape.

And Gilligan said that he personally feels that Pinkman got away.

“It is likely that they will find his fingerprints all over the lab and they’re going to track him down. Also, he’s going to be on the hook for murdering two federal agents. But, the way I see it, he ran off to Alaska, got a new name and started a new life. The kid deserves it.”

Breaking Bad movie plot

It seems that Pinkman’s fate gets worse along the storyline and the tone of the plot is not really a happy one. Also, Jesse Pinkman is running away from a lot of things and he has a lot of bad memories too. So, this might build up to a pretty bad character change.

In the Breaking Bad movie, we are going to see Aaron Paul’s character struggle while going through his past. There are pictures of familiar landmarks but we are not sure if they are flashback pictures or Jesse has returned after his escape.

Breaking Bad movie plot

Aaron Paul’s co-star, Bryan Cranston admitted that he wanted a better future for Jesse Pinkman’s character. He wants Pinkman to find someone and open up to them.

Well, that sounds like a pretty soft ending which might not be possible in the Breaking Bad movie. Stay tuned for more information.