Have you ever seen something online and wondered where it came from? We do it all the time, especially when we’re browsing. We had to share some of the funniest posts we’ve seen. Be sure to vote for your favorites.


1. Not On My Watch.


2. Basic Needs.


3. A Good Rule.


4. Holy Critter.


5. Roomba Of Thought.


6. A Beautiful Future.


7. Grass In, Fast Out.


8. Mad Crisp.


9. ‘The Princess Bride’ Is Bacon?


10. Creative Writing.


11. Frail And Harmless.


12. How Do You Explain Sharp To A Cat?


13. Live And Learn.


14. Basil Credibility.


15. Tight Grapes.


16. Read What You Want.


17. How Do You Really Feel?


18. Fancy Bird Town.


19. Fair Enough.


20. Our Hot Ancestors.


21. More Milk.


22. It Takes A Lot Out Of You.


23. Knicky Knocky Nine Doors.


24. Accurate.


25. Points Were Made.


26. Serving!


27. Devastating Use Of Congratulations.


28. The Size Of What?


29. Music Theory.