You don’t mess with a person’s car. Period. You don’t. Exclamation point!

Some people have no respect for others. They come into their loved ones’ lives and do as they please, treating their wealth and generosity with disdain you usually only see villains do.

The owner of a car that was being restored shared a very frustrating story on the AITA subreddit. His girlfriend decided to get rid of the passion project to make room for her own car in the garage.

This is a story that is bound to make your blood boil and make you pull your hair. There was a positive twist at the end. The full story can be found here. The car in the show is the same make as the one in this picture. The show isn’t why the person loves the model.


Look at this car. Isn’t she beautiful? Things took a nasty turn after one person shared how he was restoring it.


The man talked about how his girlfriend got rid of his passion project.


Nobody expected a happy ending to the story.


After getting in touch with a lawyer, the Redditor informed the police about what had happened. He asked his girlfriend to leave immediately after he found out what she had done.

The story did not end there. The awesome news was shared by Jimothyisyouruncle that the car was found by the police. After it became clear that the crew was trying to hide the car, one of the junkyard guys got arrested.

It is important to respect the boundaries set for us by our loved ones. It is important to make clear what those boundaries are.

Alex Scot, a certified relationship coach, told that boundaries have to be sustainable. The more flexible we are, the closer a person is to us. Things are more likely to fall apart if something isn’t done.

We need to give our romantic partners and family members the benefit of the doubt more than we would strangers. We have to be willing to compromise in long-term relationships. This doesn’t mean that our loved ones can ignore our boundaries.

“Without them [boundaries], we live our lives at the expense of ourselves. The mindset for many when it comes to setting boundaries is that they feel selfish, or that they aren’t being a good partner when they implement them, so they avoid doing it altogether,” the relationship coach pointed out to us.

“Boundaries are there for us to be able to take care of and to protect ourselves so that we can show up and operate within our lives as successfully as possible,” she said.

It is clear that ignoring these boundaries has consequences. Everyone would be able to scrap someone’s passion project if it didn’t work out. We don’t want to live in that world.


The Redditors were unanimous in their decision. Here is what they had to say.