Honesty and trust are important in a relationship. The article is not based on the opposite. @jaynedoee0 said she has been living with her boyfriend for a year who pays the rent and essentials. Since she owns the place, she has been taking his rent money.


She didn’t tell her boyfriend that she owned the house.

I have lived here with my man for a year. He pays all the bills. He doesn’t know that I have lived here for five years. “So his direct deposits are going straight to me,” @jaynedoee0 said in a now-viral clip that’s gotten over 2million views and left people divided on whether it’s a good idea.


The man and his girlfriend have been living at the home for a year now, but they don’t know the landlord. Direct deposits go back to the owner after 5 years.


A lot of people thought she was using her boyfriend and called her actions wrong. “That’s wrong. He is just being used. Poor guy,” someone wrote. One person added: “So she doesn’t pay any of the major bills just milks him for it?”. That’s love, right there. User.”



She has to pay for the upkeep of the property as a landlord. Her boyfriend’s contributions are shared. You guys think she doesn’t have to pay anything. Another one said: “I mean she still has to pay the mortgage on the building.” Apartment rent doesn’t get pocketed; it goes to taxes and the mortgage.”