Young Evan Strackman couldn’t wait when he learned that his class had a Halloween party. He hurried home and, with the help of his mother, made an incredibly cool Tony Stark costume.

But as Iron Man himself often did, as the days of the big parties rolled, Evan encountered adversity. It turns out that some bullies didn’t pick up his disguise well, but Evan didn’t let it stop him.


When you are a child, no holiday compares to Halloween.

This is the only night of the year where kids are encouraged to dress up, have fun and run crazy! Plus, you get free candies!


Instead of acting like the same old superhero this year, 10-year-old Evan Strackman thought he would try something new.

Evan happens to be a big fan of The Avengers, specifically Iron Man. So it only made sense that he’d look to honor his favorite hero come Halloween.


Evan didn’t want to complicate things with a temporary ironing suit, so he decided to dress up as Tony Stark!

Needless to say, if you really have a living soul who has never seen a Marvel movie, Tony Stark is a beautifully portrayed Iron Man alter ego in Robert Downey Jr.’s movie.


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As you can see in the picture, Evan absolutely nailed his outfit.

Evan has hair, a beard, and even a unique Tony Stark glass! If you look closely, you can see that he also has a label with the name of Stark Industries.


His mother, Jill, said he would only respond to “Tony” or “Mr. Stark” on the morning of his school party.

Evan also demanded that he be taken to school with his mother’s Mercedes, but due to schedule conflicts, Evan was forced to take a school bus.


About 20 minutes after Evan reached school, his mother got a call from the principal’s office and it was quite upsetting.

“Twenty minutes after getting on the bus, Evan called me from school. Apparently, the kids on the same bus, who weren’t even wearing costumes, told him he looked stupid,” Jill mentioned.


As soon as Evan arrived at school, he ran to wash his face and waited for his mother.

“He kept saying that he and I worked so hard on it,” Jill told Today Parents. “He really was concerned about how I would feel, which basically shows a lot about him.”


Jill took Evan to the ice cream and Frappuccino outlet and that calmed him down.

It took him some time, but after a while, Evan began to relax. Once he stopped crying and regained his composure, his mother asked him if he wanted to go back to school for the party.

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Evan was worried at first, but in the style of a true superhero, decided to ignore his fears straight away!

“So we had gone home to redo his wonderful makeup, and brought him back to school!” His mother mentioned.


Little Tony Stark was even able to ride his Mercedes as he wanted!

“He was a little afraid to be back to school,” Jill told Today Parents. “But he had an amazing day, and he was very proud.”


Jill said it was a defining moment for her son, a moment that he will be carrying with him forever.

Jill truly believes that if Evan didn’t go back to school, it would have broken his spirit.

His mother’s Facebook post has been shared hundreds of thousands of times since Evans’ heroic story first became known. This is living proof that not all heroes wear masks.