Boston Celtics Kemba Walker trade deal NBA free agency 2019

Just a week ago, it was all doom and gloom for the Boston Celtics. After years of stockpiling assets and making everything in order to land Anthony Davis, they all turned to be in vain. The Celtics were forced to think of life without both Al Horford and Kyrie Irving. Any dreams of running the Eastern Conference for the following years were quickly squashed.

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Boston Celtics get Kemba Walker as Anthony Davis alternative

But Daniel Ainge, the Celtics’ president of basketball operations wasn’t ready to accept defeat so easily. He shifted his focus from Davis quickly- turning it on to Kemba Walker instead. Walker would, being an All-Star point guard, soften the blow of losing two huge stars for the Celtics.

Boston Celtics Kemba Walker NBA All-Star Trade deal free agency 2019

While Walker may not be as good as Irving, the difference between the two is not as large as some think. Kemba Walker is definitely one of the most dangerous off the dribble 3 point shooters in the whole of the NBA. He is exceptionally quick with handles and can go past the best of defenders. In fact, as an off-ball player working off dribbe-handoffs and screens, he’s better than Irving.

Walker had a very impressive 25.6 points per game in the league last season, the 10th best in the NBA. That is almost two points better than Irving. While the Hornets lack quality on their roster, it is thanks to Walker that they battle seemingly every team and come close in a ton of games.

Is Kemba Walker really the saviour Celtics need?

But despite Walker’s arrival, the Celtics future is still in the air. Youngster Jayson Tatum regressed this year, and Jaylen Brown struggled a lot throughout the course of this season. And Gordon Hayward was nowhere near as good this season as the All-Star performances he gave in Utah.

Boston Celtics Kemba Walker trade deal NBA All-Star free agency 2019

But one must remember than Brown is still young at 21. And Brown did show a lot of potential throughout the season, albeit in flashes. And Walker will push them all- joining from a team like Charlotte where had no hopes at the championship, he will be desperate and hungry to be part of a winning team at the Celtics.