Chapter 35 of Boruto and its release date has now officially been confirmed, and all predictions for the upcoming episode will come out soon.

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Many fans already have formed an opinion about the return of Sasuke, and this also looks like the best time for him to return. Along the way, he may also come across a new force which sent for the retrieval of Kawaki, and this fight is something we all be looking for.

‘Boruto’ Chapter 35: Predictions

‘Boruto’ Chapter 35- Predictions

The next chapter has now been delayed for another month. As noted by AnimeScrolls, this has affected fans in not a very pleasant way. This slow release has now made the anticipation for chapter 35 of Boruto way more exciting than it should have been and many fans are thinking that there could be some problem. The chapters are being short, but the whole project may be long enough for those who are watching it.

Fans have a lot of expectations of chapter 35 of Boruto due to the delay that authors and artists have. If chapter 35 delivers less than what fans have expected in the battle of proportions or a similar huge development which involves a major character, this chapter will be nothing more than a waste of time in the Boruto manga. Many Boruto manga readers may also drop the chapter for the same reason.

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‘Boruto’ Chapter 35: Spoilers

‘Boruto’ Chapter 35- Spoilers

The predictions regarding Sasuke came all the way back in chapter 30 of Boruto; this development will make the whole wait worthwhile. He may have gotten a message via Naruto where the happenings were detailed. It also states how Kara is now a huge pain for everyone. As Konoha’s sword, it will be his job to cut everyone down who has tried to threaten the village in Boruto.

‘Boruto’ Chapter 35: Release Date

However, it’s Jagan who would’ve sent the forces in place except for the mostly angry Delta. As Konoha’s sword, it will be his job to cut everyone down who has threatened the village. ‘Boruto’ Chapter 35 will be out on June 9.