At a time when shooting games are around, we wonder why Gearbox hasn’t revealed any info about “Borderlands 3”. Apart from the fact that Gearbox confirmed the fact they’re coming with a new release in the franchise, nothing much is known about Borderlands 3.

Borderlands 3: Rumours

‘Borderlands 3’- Rumours

That’s until the sleuths started finding out. One of the speculations is the “Borderlands 3” location. Gamers will be extremely pleased to know that the Borderlands 3 game will not take place in Pandora, but another planet instead. Rumours claim the place as Promethea, as reported by PC Gamer.

The rumour started doing rounds when many gamers noticed a few Easter eggs which were in Battleborn by Gearbox. One clue about the game is Promethea Graffiti in the map in Battleborn that was with a vault symbol.

This claim got strengthened after the clues in the game. This time it came as the Morse Code. An audio hinted that “Visit Promethea” and that “Tannis isn’t what it looks like”. This could be a sign that Borderlands will take place in another location and Tannis might be its potential antagonist.

Gearbox CEO Richard Pitchford facing Theft Charges

With regard to the cannon fodders of the title, it looks like most pyschos wearing masks will come in Borderlands 3 as suggested by Richard Pitchford, CEO Gearbox. Pitchford is also clearing his name in the accusation case where he allegedly stole money from company worth around $12 million.

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Moreover, Pitchford has also been accused of child pornography and also hosting explicit parties where adults reveal themselves to the minors. As stated by Gearbox, the accusations made by Wade Callender, who is the company lawyer and they are going to meet him in the court.

Borderlands 3: Release Date

‘Borderlands 3’- Release Date

Talking about the game, it will probably come around 2020 or 2021. However, it should be taken with a grain of salt as no official announcement about Borderlands 3 has been made yet. Gearbox will set a panel at PAX East on 28th March and hopefully we will learn more about Borderlands 3 then.