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Borderlands 3: New Reveals in Upcoming PAX East by Gearbox

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Everyone is excited for Borderlands 3. In the PAX East 2019 which is going to begin from 28th March to the 31st, Gearbox software has also booked a show in it. It is practically confirmed that it is going to have new announcements. One of these announcements could very well be the news about Borderlands 3 that everyone has been waiting for.

Borderlands 3: New Reveals In Upcoming PAX East By Gearbox
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Gearbox Software show in PAX East 2019

On the opening day of the event, in the 2 pm EST slot,  Gearbox is going to be doing their “Gearbox Main Theatre Show” which is going to be an hour-long show by Gearbox. all this information has been gathered by the PAX website.

Borderlands 3: New Reveals In Upcoming PAX East By Gearbox
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This show is promised to have exclusives, reveals, and surprises that you have never seen before according to the description on the website. As of now, there has been no official news or tease regarding the upcoming updates to the game itself. However, the fans of the Gearbox are going to be ready, waiting eagerly for any sort of announcement from the company.

Thoughts of Gearbox CEO on Borderlands 3

Randy Pitchford, the CEO of Gearbox, has confirmed that they are currently working on a game. He further went on to confirm that it is the game that all the fans are asking the company to put all its focus on. All this is leading us to believe that the game is none other than Borderlands 3.

Borderlands 3: New Reveals In Upcoming PAX East By Gearbox
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However, there is still no official word on Borderlands 3 at the time of this article. However, Battleborn did have an easter egg in the game that has indicated towards the next game of Borderlands. It has indicated that the next game is about to be set in “Promethea”. This is supposed to be full of alien technology which is yet to be discovered.

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