The body language says a great deal regarding individuals. The attire people wear, the manner in which they move, the manner in which they talk, the manner in which they move, their prompt responses to things — all of this and more mirror one’s own perspective, how they feel, their thought process, their viewpoints, values, and everything around in the middle between.

In her analysis of the court testimonies of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, body language expert Janine Drive shows how they expressed themselves. The case was heard.


The body says a ton regarding an individual, and body language master Janine Drive separated the subtleties of how Johnny Depp and Amber Heard put themselves out there in the court

The author and body language expert, Janine Driver, broke down the subtle nuances of how Johnny Depp and Amber Heard expressed themselves and reacted to various things in the courtroom.

Drive was present in the courtroom for the trial and went on CourtTV to talk about certain moments.


Drive focused on how Heard leaked her contempt through her facial expressions.


When she was listening to one of the recordings she made with Depp, Drive focused on her. Drive summarized her facial language as contempt and moral superiority.

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“It’s on the left side of her face, right there. It’s moral superiority. And it’s out of place, especially for a battered woman. I work with battered women. […] And I have to tell you, battered women or women who are domestic violence survivors—they’re not leaking contempt. That’s moral superiority.”

Drive said that domestic violence survivors express sadness and fear, but she wasn’t seeing that in Heard’s face. It is moral superiority. It is almost like saying, I got you. Drive pointed out that he had got him.


She explained that the smile she noticed was an attempt to hide the pain he was experiencing.


She additionally discussed Depp, calling attention to the that he gives these concise grins every so often, connoting that it shows he’s encountering sensations of shortcoming and weakness while discussing the maltreatment he has encountered to, it might be said, stabilizer (as a protection system) the aggravation he’s inclination as a result of it.

Drive brought up that there is likewise this apprehensive chuckle that goes with the grin, and that individuals can see it in different meetings that he’s had throughout the long term, particularly when he is approached to return to awful recollections or, as in the court video, is being castrated.

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Heard has feelings of shame, anxiety, and stress, which can be seen in how she touches her face.


Drive talked about the third clip about Heard. She is seen in the video being more sensitive with her face, which is a response to the spike in stress.

Heard touches her forehead, which is indicative of shame because it only emphasizes the absence of things like swallows, no corner of the mouth, and no eyebrows pulling together, which would signify sadness.

Drive believes that there was no battering done as some news outlets claimed. She would not give out the non-verbal bodily communication that she is now.



The full examination can be seen below.

YouTube video

Drive commented on a clip where Heard was said to have borderline personality disorder after hitting a former friend in the face.

A vital second here, as indicated by Drive, was where Heard dismissed briefly to investigate the shoulder, which implies an absence of certainty as though to filter around to search for understanding and acknowledgment from others.


Drive pointed out the moral superiority and anger Heard had expressed in the court session.


She seems to be trying to control her anger by anticipating bad news that might follow a perceived threat and she has eyebrows that show displeasure and trouble.

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You can check out the videos in full here and here, as well as check out Drive’s TikTok channel here, but before you go, share your thoughts on the case in the comment section below!