Bleach Anime Release Date, Plot Spoilers Final Season will Adapt Thousand-Year Blood War Arc

Bleach anime is finally returning on the TV screens after so many years and fans of the series are so excited. Everyone thought that all hope is now lost when the anime series ended without any conclusion. There were many rumors about Bleach Season 17 anime renewal but most of them were dismissed as fake reports.

But at the recent 20th-anniversary Livestream of Bleach manga, Shonen Jump announced a lot of new content including an anime film adaption of the Burn the Witch spinoff, along with an art exhibition. However, fans were most excited for Bleach anime renewal with the “Thousand-Year Blood War” arc as the final season of the anime series. Here are more details on Bleach anime release date, plot spoilers and story based on manga source chapters.

Bleach Anime Plot Details and Manga AdaptationsBleach Anime Plot Details and Manga Adaptations

Bleach anime will adapt the “Thousand Year Blood War” story arc from the manga series. The arc is one of the most interesting storylines in the Bleach manga series and fans are happy that it is finally getting an anime adaptation. Yhwach will be introduced with arc who is the strongest villain in the franchise who gains numerous followers.

We can expect some big battle scenes in the upcoming Bleach anime season. The last and final season of Bleach anime will have Uryu in a pivotal role in the storyline. As per the season count, Bleach Season 17 will be the last and final season coming soon and everyone is excited to see Ichigo in action once again.

Bleach Anime Release Date for Final Season

Bleach Anime Release Date for Final Season 

Bleach anime release date was not announced in the streaming video but it was confirmed that “Burn the Witch” will be coming later this year and the art exhibition in 2021. The makers didn’t give a premiere date for season 17 of Bleach because any delay will disappoint fans. It seems that the production of the anime series has already started and Bleach anime could return around the end of 2020 or early 2021.

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