Black Clover Episode 82- Spoilers, Release Date and Online Stream

Titled “Petit Clover! Charmy’s Nightmare Special!” , Black Clover episode 82 was will focus on the Magic Knight, who loves food more than anything else. However, the Black Clover anime will be on a break after the Royal Knights arc. For what it is worth though, Charmy will still be at the center of the series as the prime attraction.

Black Clover Episode 82 Spoilers

Black Clover Episode 82- Spoilers

A little sneak peek at the spoilers suggest that Charmy will find herself surrounded by a wide array of mushrooms. According to Black Clover episode 82 spoilers, Charmy is trying to find a cure in the woods for Asta’s broken arm. She didn’t find anything but after ending up being empty-handed she discovered some mushrooms. She initially thought that she can eat them all, however, it turned out to be futile as having a single mushroom may cause it to come up with at least thrice more fungi.

Here’s the official synopsis of Black Clover Episode 82:

“During the tournament, Charmy Pappitson wanders off to scavenge more food from a forest. She accidentally eats a hallucinogenic mushroom and suffers a series of nightmares based on Petit Clover shorts.”

Black Clover Episode 82 Release Date and How to Watch Online

Black Clover Episode 82- Release Date

Talking about the release date for episode 82, it will be May 7. It will release on the west coast at 3:25 AM while it will find its way on 6:25 AM on the eastern seaboard. The anime will release in the United Kingdom at around 11:25 AM. Fans will be able to watch Black Clover episode 82 online on the official app of Crunchyroll.

Black Clover Episode 82 Online Stream (Dubbed)

For the English dubbed version on Funimation, it’s going behind by two weeks. Fans may expect Black Clover episode 82 dubbed in English to air in June 2019 or the last week of May at the earliest.

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