Black Clover episode 27 release date news has finally made its way to the internet and we couldn’t be more excited! To add the cherry on the cake, we now also have some very promising rumors regarding season 3 renewal.

What happens in episode 27?

Black Clover Update: release date of Episode 27 and renewal for season 3Sources have revealed that the new Black Clover episode will be called “Mister Delinquent vs. Muscle Runt” and it will feature a showdown of the characters’ powers. Everyone will get to see what others can do, and how vicious enemies can be.

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According to the spoilers, Mimosa is set to face off Sol, attacking his golem’s arm by using her Magic cannon Flower. To duck his Clod Seal spell, she will also blast his limb off.

On the flip side, an enhancement spell called Base Run Gamble is used by Magna, and Asta, who knows Magna’s power will help her win, will be trying to figure out a way to hit her fireball. What his final move will be, you can find out by watching the 27th episode of Black Clover.

Black Clover season 3 renewal

Black Clover Update: release date of Episode 27 and renewal for season 3Although season 2 hasn’t even ended yet, speculations are on the rise about the 3rd season. According to Anime Date, Black Clover season 3 has not yet been recommissioned, but rumors suggest that after the second season ends in September, it may return as soon as October for the next run.

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The show was created by Pierrot Studio and the first episode aired in October of 2017. The next episode of Black clover releases on April 16.