A man who calls himself the “black alien” plans to get more extreme surgery in the future.

Anthony Loffredo, a 32-year-old from France, has undergone many body modifications, such as removing his fingers, upper lip, eyeballs, and part of his nose.

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Loffredo has a split tongue, is heavily tattooed, and has implants on his head and arms.

The plastic surgery fanatic admitted that there may be more procedures to come, even though he doesn’t seem to be far from his end goal.

Loffredo revealed in the 116th episode of the Spanish club that he plans to have a body modification on his face again.

After learning that he has struggled to find employment as a result of his extraterrestrial look, the host asked Loffredo if he has ever kept any of his body parts.

“My ears. My friend keeps them,” he answered, before revealing that he had also kept his discarded lips after many surgeries on his mouth.

The tattoo addict then began to discuss his plans for future modifications, saying: “My next modification is my face, that’s the next one.”

Loffredo conceded that he was considering removing one leg from the knee because of his facial plans.

“It’s something really hard because I have a healthy leg, and an amputation is something big,” he acknowledged, without diving into too much detail on the procedure.

Loffredo said that he has an interest in technology. “Do you like futuristic chips? I like everything surrounding this. It draws my attention, technology, and the future.”

Loffredo updates his followers on how far along he is on his journey to becoming a black alien on his account.

Loffredo likewise drills down into the cost he pays in view of his looks and the everyday examination he faces – sharing recordings of him strolling through packed roads to report others’ responses to his appearance.

The so-called Black Alien said that his appearance has affected his relationship with some family members, causing them to break down.

Despite some family support, he has a few regrets about his modifications, but only his mom, brother, and sister support him.

“Yeah, I play with my health. I usually treat my own body really hard. But I still think and say to myself, people can die of anything like you could be run over by a car, you could have a stroke,” he said. “So you know life, it’s just luck.”