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Bitcoin Wallet on your Arm is the future of NFC and Crypto payments

Bitcoin Wallet Payments

Bitcoin Wallets and other cryptocurrency wallets are revolutionary techs but they can only become the part of the utopian future that BTC enthusiasts are envisioning if it’s implementation and ease of use is improved.

The most common way to store crypto right now is wallets which have their fair share of security and usage issue, and after so many hacking incidents of wallets and exchanges, crypto enthusiasts are turning towards body hacking to keep their investments safe.

Subdermal body implant might be the safest way to store BTC.

Body Hacking and Bitcoin Wallets

Subdermal implantation is injecting an RFID chip under your skin and when you couple this with your Bitcoin wallets private key. And now you have a prepared payment option that can not be lost or stolen.

Payment by Bitcoin Wallet

Essentially it is a more secure version of a cold wallet which can be accessed easily now you can swipe your hand and your payment is complete. Magic.

Is body hacking for Bitcoin Wallets safe?

Bitcoin Wallet

Inserting a foreign object in the body is nothing new pacemakers are being used for a long time. But effects of an RFID chip in the body is yet to be studied but it is the easiest way to connect a person to his/her financial position.

Final Thoughts on Bitcoin Wallets

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

According to ExtremeTech, this tech has basic limitations such as the amount of data an RFID tag can hold and use cases are few. For mass adoption, both payment gateways and body implant tech need to be more diverse with use-cases and sophisticated.

Both biohacking and crypto community are still growing and turning science fiction into reality. They have to tread carefully and stand through the test of time and hope for mass adoption. And hopefully if they do so payments in the future might be like magic.

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