Bitcoin Price rise has slowed down out over the past couple of weeks. The movement of the currency continues to be in a flat, horizontal line as BTC price fluctuates between $3800 and $3900. There are many reasons being attributed to why $BTC price is unable to break past the $4,000 mark.

Bitcoin Price Fake Trading Volume
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The latest updates indicate that one of the biggest reasons why the bull-run isn’t happening is because of fake trading volumes. Let us take a closer look:

Bitcoin Price Rise Affected by Fake Trading Volumes

Fake trading volumes in the world of cryptocurrencies are getting increasingly common of late. Given that the cryptocurrency ecosystem is free from regulations, it makes manipulation quite a possibility. Methods such as Wash Trading are often employed by cryptocurrency exchanges to pump up trading volumes but do not have any real impact on the markets.

Bitcoin price BTC price rise
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Hence, while the trading volumes increase, the Bitcoin price doesn’t. Basically, this conceals the bear trap and when bulls start to invest, bears cash out and make a quick profit out of this. Hence, investors are keeping a safe distance before going all-in.

Bitcoin Price Rise Slowed, but Imminent

While the Bitcoin bull-run has been stalled, it is far from over. Given that institutional investors are expected to come in anytime, expect the BTC price to surge past $4,000 before March comes to an end.

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Bitcoin price rise affected by fake trading volume
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Of late, a number of pro investors have also begun to show faith in the cryptocurrency markets – this is another factor causing the Bitcoin price to rise.