Bitcoin Price Prediction 2020

For Bitcoin, 2017 was a year of growth, 2018 a year of a slump. 2019 looks like a year of stability. However, the bigger question now is – what is the Bitcoin price prediction for 2020? Let us take a closer look at what the top crypto-experts in the world have to say about where BTC price is heading towards:

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2020 BTC
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John McAfee’s Bitcoin Price Prediction for 2020

John McAfee, a candidate for the US Presidential election and one of the most controversial yet influential names in the crypto-community, has made a number of Bitcoin price predictions. However, his latest prediction is the boldest!

McAfee had earlier claimed BTC to reach $500,000 by late 2020. He has now doubled down on his claim. McAfee now says that Bitcoin price is all set to hit $1 Million by 31st December 2020.

Murad Mahmudov’s Bitcoin Price Prediction for 2020

Mahmudov is the host of ‘On the Record’ – a crypto-focused podcast. He is another prominent figure when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Mahmudov has a large following and often makes predictions based on critical and careful analysis of how the markets are performing.

Mahmudov believes that Bitcoin is going to hit a new all-time high in 2020! Tony Vays, another popular crypto analyst backs this up. He adds that there’s at least a 40% chance of Bitcoin hitting an all-time high in 2020 – and 45% chance of doing it in 2021!

Anthony Pompliano’s Bitcoin Price Prediction for 2020

Anthony Pompliano, founder and partner at Morgan Creek Digital Assets, is a major voice in the crypto-ecosystem. Pompliano is known for his sound advice and calculated decisions. Pompliano believes that Bitcoin price is going to hit $50,000 very soon.

Earlier, he had made this prediction for late 2018 – but has since moved it up a notch and put it to late-2022. However, Pompliano had famously commented that before we see new highs, we are going to see new lows. At least he’s been half right so far!

Thomas Lee’s Bitcoin Price Prediction for 2020

Fundstrat’s Thomas Lee is quite a powerful name in the crypto circles. Lee made a prediction in March 2018 that the price of Bitcoin is going to hit $91,000 by March 2020. He has based his predictions based on how Bitcoin has performed after dips in the past. Going by those trends, a major Bitcoin bull-run is on its way!

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2020 Crypto Experts
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Bobby Lee’s Bitcoin Price Prediction for 2020

Bobby Lee, known most popularly as the co-founder of BTCC, is another major name in the cryptocurrency ecosystem who is still bullish on Bitcoin. Lee had made a prediction that the bottom of the barrel would be close to $2,500.

2019 would be a year of slow growth, but a major bull-run will start in late 2020 which will take the price of Bitcoin beyond $333,000 in late 2021. However, Lee also expects the price to drop to $41,000 in early 2023.

Should You Trust A Bitcoin Price Prediction?

While it is hard to trust ‘predictions’ in a market as volatile as cryptocurrencies, one usually has to see the general trend here. Of late, most crypto enthusiasts are appearing more bullish than ever before.

The impact can be seen in the markets as Bitcoin appears to be trying to break past the $4,000 barrier! It will be interesting to see how these predictions pan out to be over the year to follow!

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2020 BTC Price 2020
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