Bitcoin price is yet to hit a full-scale bull-run but the markets are largely optimistic. This is evident by the strong growth that Bitcoin has shown over the past few weeks. The currency first went stable, hardly fluctuating more than a couple of hundred dollars a day. Then, it started to grow – finally breaking out of the $4,000 resistance today.

Bitcoin Price Prediction March 2019
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Let us take a look at what’s next for Bitcoin price and how it is expected to perform in the next 24 hours:

Bitcoin Price Prediction for the next 24 Hours

The next 24 hours seem quite good for Bitcoins. The price of BTC is expected to grow by $200 and hit $4,200. Going beyond that would be a little tough for Bitcoin’s price at the moment as it may face another resistance there.

Bitcoin Price Analysis Graph March 2019
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Bitcoin’s price, however, will find support along the $4,040 mark ensuring it does not slip below $4,000.

Bitcoin Price Prediction for March 2019

Taking a look at the bigger picture, we expect the price of Bitcoin to reach a high of close to $4,750 before March 2019 comes to an end. Going by the recent optimism in the markets and a slow-moving bullish momentum forming, this is a decent estimate.

Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis March 2019
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Statistically, once Bitcoin’s price surpasses $4,750 in April, the currency is likely to grow past the $5,200 mark in a flurry – and face its next big challenge at $5,650. We expect April to be a month of sustainable growth and the summer months of May and June will see a rapid boom.

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