Birds of Prey DVD, Blu-Ray, Digital Release Date Will the Harley Quinn Movie Available on Netflix or Amazon

Birds of Prey movie is amazing and it has garnered huge appraise from everyone despite being a box-office bomb. The movie was originally titled as ‘Birds of Prey and The Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn’ in the start along with a February release date resulting in low numbers in theaters.

But that doesn’t mean that people are not interesting in the movie and infact they are eagerly waiting to stream it online from their homes. Here is everything that you need to know about Birds of Prey DVD, Blu-Ray, Digital release date and streaming on Netflix, Amazon or HBO Max.

Birds of Prey DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital Release Date

Birds of Prey DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital Release Date

Birds of Prey might have not done that well in theaters but critics and audience have loved the movie and Margot Robbie has been amazing in her portrayal of Harley Quinn. The movie has gotten 79% approval ratings from fans and critics on Rotten Tomatoes which proves that DC movies are now getting consistent.

The earliest Birds of Prey movie releases on DVD, Blu-Ray and 4K is around Spring 2020 or middle of May 2020 to be more exact. There are some reports which claim that Birds of Prey could come out for physical media release on May 12, which seems totally possible. As for the digital streaming and renting on iTunes, Vudu, Youtube TV, Google Play movie, etc. Birds of Prey will come out earlier around April 28 as per some reports.

Birds of Prey Stream Online: Netflix, Amazon or HBO Max

Birds of Prey Stream Online Netflix, Amazon or HBO Max

Birds of Prey is a DC movie that is produced by Warner Bros. Studios and it means that the streaming rights are very complicated. But Warner Bros is coming out with its own streaming service called HBO Max this year and all their catalog will be shifted soon in the new library. There might be a few countries where the service is not available and Netflix or Amazon Prime Video will stream Birds of Prey in those countries.

It is the main reason why Joker is not streaming on any platforms as they have secured it for HBO Max along with Friends Reunion Episode and all the ten seasons of the show. It means we can expect Birds of Prey to stream on HBO Max when the service is launched in May 2020.

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