Birds of Prey Review, Fan Reactions and Box Office Collection Predictions

Birds of Prey reviews are out for the early screenings and so far the femme fatale movie looks well. While the two early letterboxd reviews have given 3 and a half stars to Birds of Prey movie, overall it seems good. Everyone has been praising Margot Robbie for portraying the role of Harley Quinn and even the other cast members have done a good job.

Birds of Prey could easily have a $60 million opening weekend at the box office. Here are more details on Birds of Prey review, fan reactions and the predictions for total box office collections.

Birds of Prey Review and Fan Reactions

Birds of Prey Review and Fan Reactions

Birds of Prey is a fun watch that will leave you wanting more, the action scenes are very well and the colors are so much vibrant in every frame. Harley has been amazing so far and even the rest of the cast gets time to shine. The precinct and the funhouse have great action scenes although the climax feels a bit rushed and doesn’t conclude anything.

Despite calling it as girls kicking ass for no reason, one of the critics wrote that she wants more of such nonsense action movies. Fan reactions on Twitter are also mostly positive, saying that the jokes are funnier, editing is way better and Birds of Prey is way better than Suicide Squad.

How much can Birds of Prey earn at the Box Office?

How much can Birds of Prey earn at the Box Office

Birds of Prey is an R-Rated film meaning its box-office run will be always limited to adults. There is a lot of violence and cursing in the movie with some bloody shots that are not easy to watch. Experts are predicting that Birds of Prey could cross the $400 million mark and it was always meant as an experiment by DC movies to see how fans respond to R-Rated female-centric action thrillers.

If BoP is a success, there will be more Harley Quinn movies including ‘Gotham City Sirens’ and ‘Harley and Joker’ down the years. Birds of Prey won’t be a disaster, neither a masterpiece, it will run decently, earn enough to get sequels and more spin-off in the future.

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