Biilions season 4 release date episode 12 finale

Showtime has promised to air Billions season 4 episode 12 on June 9, Sunday at 9:00 pm. The season finale is titled “Extreme Sandbox.”

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Promising the drama to be suspense-filled, creators offered a dynamic shift in the plotline. The finale is likely to shift the dynamics between the vastly competitive financial go-getters.

Billions season 4 Episode 12 teaser hints revenge

Biilions season 4 cast

Billions season 4 episode 12 finale teaser features Chuck and Axe, played by Paul Giamatti and Damian Lewis respectively.

The episode teaser warns Chuck and Axe about FBI looking for them. In the finale, who is getting the upper hand is still a mystery. But the episode teaser hints avenge to be the more significant part of the series.

Axe’s voice-over in the teaser declares:

“I want you to help me take him down,” Chuck says with determination in the teaser. “I wanted to let it go, but then I decided — F*** it!”

Billions season 4 Episode 12 SPOILER Alert

Biilions season 4

It is clear that the competition to Axe and Chuck is Taylor, played by Asia Kate Dillon. In Billions season 4 episode 12 teaser, Chuck and Axe are planning to remove their competition.

In Billions season 4 episode 11, Axe demonstrated his will to risk everything to bring down his ultimate threat. He is also willing to bear his destruction.

To get ahead of Taylor, Axe enters into a risky venture despite the advice of trusted allies not being in the favor. Axe took the path to destruction without listening to his girlfriend, Rebecca, played by Nina Arianda. He did not even pay heed to Wendy, played by Maggie Siff.

Billions season 4 Episode 12: Axe and Rebecca relationship in danger

Biilions season 4 cast

With a plan of her own, Rebecca retained Taylor’s shares by buying a company. Rebecca guessed the trick would work to control Taylor.

Axe gets a hint of Taylor’s revenge plans, and he figured it could give him the upper hand against her. It might even cost Axe’s relationship with his girlfriend, Rebecca.

To set up another crazy-ride, Showtime renewed the fifth installment of Billions in May 2019. Season 5 will star Kelly Aucoin, Jeffery DeMunn, Condola Rashad, and David Costabile.