post talking a girl spending money on lip fillers to hold a world record

Lip augmentation is one of the most popular procedures. Most girls who get this procedure would only have it done once or twice, but some women take it to the extreme.

That is the case with the woman, who got her first round of lip augmentation in the year 2000. She was just 21-years-old at the time, and she wanted to improve her lips to her liking. The young lady is calling herself the Balkan Barbie because she has already spent more than $5,000 on lip procedures.


Fill Her Up.

Most people wouldn’t think it was possible for someone to spend most of their adult life obsessed with a single body part. The young lady has become an overnight celebrity because of her lip procedures, and she now has more than 18,000 followers on her personal account. Ivanova is an internet personality and also a singer. Her claim to fame has to do with the enormity of her lips and she hails from Burgas, Bulgaria.



Over the past four years, she has undergone 27 surgeries to make her lips look more prominent. She wants to look like a human doll. Many people don’t understand her dream, and she has been subject to a backlash on social media for her lifestyle. Some people support her goals and praise her for her looks.


The Biggest Lips in the World.


In an interview that she did with Metro UK a few years back, Ivana talked about what drove her to pursue such a niche goal. She talked about how happy her procedures have made her and how much more confidently she is now because of her growing lips.


“I like my lips now, more than before and I feel very good and very happy with them because according to me, with bigger lips I look prettier. There are people who like me with bigger lips and there are people who like me with smaller lips but it doesn’t matter to me, because it’s important for me how I like it.”

A few people are concerned over the physical toll her body might be taking as a result of all the procedures, but she is happy with her lips. She is constantly looking to make them bigger.

“I can’t give any indication of how big is too big, or can lips be too big, because, for each person, big, bigger, and too big are different concepts.”


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