Having a world record can be very impressive and at the same time honestly ridiculous. There are records of all sorts of weird things to note: the longest comedy show in the world (there were no Cheechs or Chongs at actual height), the longest fingernail in the world, pizza/pineapple / Pumpkin. / The largest cucumber in the world. , NS. It can be difficult to know if a person is honorable.

Well, when it’s awarded to Betty White, you know it’s an honor.


Betty White is a legend indeed.

Betty’s broad career spans almost a century, but she’s probably best known and loved for Rose Nylund’s production based on Golden Girls.

Betty White is 98 years old and she still looks young and vibrant, which means she’s been in business for a long time.


After all, Betty White portrayed an old woman about 30 years ago!

Honestly, she’s so impressive that not only has she been an actress for so long, she still does! I know if I ever turn 98, I better have been retired for AT LEAST 30 of those years, or you’re going to hear a LOT of complaints from me!


Betty is more than just an icon. A legend, a perfect babe, and a fun person!

She also holds a world record.

And it’s not one of the suckers she can fill out online, it’s a real Guinness sucker, and she’s absolutely proud of it.

She began her television career in 1939, having the longest television career of any artist. About 82 years!


Betty is technically award-winning only in the women’s category but also beats record holders in the men’s category.

Betty first won the title of record holder in 2014, and since then there have been no signs of a slowdown. She even had a Christmas movie made for TV at the age of 98!


As for the male television entertainers, the late Bruce Forsyth holds the record.

Bruce was a television host who had a television career from 1939 to 2015. This is an incredible 76 years!


“I was surprised when I got a call from Guinness World Records. It was an honor,” Betty said in 2014.

About her career, Betty added, “I have no regrets. I consider myself the happiest old woman on both feet.”


Betty also mentioned that she’s a huge fan of the book itself.

“This book has fascinated me. I can’t believe I’m a part of it now. I’m amazed at some of the records they hold.” Betty told them.

I definitely agree with you!

She also talked about her first television appearance.


“I danced on an experimental television show in Los Angeles,” Betty said.

“I wore a high school graduation gown and I danced the cheerful Merry Widow Waltz with the Beverly Hills High student body president, Harry Bennett.”


Betty mentioned that her career took off from there.

“Later, Al Jarvis (disc jockey) asked me to sit as his girlfriend on Friday (5 and a half hours a day, 6 days a week). Four years later, I took over the program,” she said.


Betty’s advice to actors who look up to her.

“I encourage actors to do their homework and take the time to be thankful for their profession. It’s absolutely a privilege to do what we do,” she said.

Homework and hard work? I don’t know if the actor’s life is really made for me.


What a wonderful achievement! It really shows how long Betty has worked in her life.

To be honest, the Guinness Book of Records is accustomed to naming the place, Betty. Because it takes a long time for someone to take over her throne (especially because Betty lives and works forever, of course).

Betty, congratulations on holding your title! The next time she hits a record book by drinking a glass of wine one night and the next time her step-in-law gets over it, we can have a small record party together!