It’s true that what goes around, comes around. When karma comes back around, it’s so satisfying.

Scroll through and feast yourself with some of the best instant Karma moments from the subreddit r/instantkarma:


1. God is quick indeed.


2. Very good for her!


3. Pretty sure he didn’t get the job.

4. Guy hits a car but Karma leaves his car’s license plate behind.


5. Doggo and his gang fight back!


6. The traffic doesn’t seem that bad.


7. “You’re negative, sir.”


8. Punish by Karma itself.


9. Got struck by instant Karma.


10. He played himself.


11. Try to block an electric charge station. Get towed!


12. Did they play themselves?


13. Good Bunny ears, Sarah!


14. Mother nature deserves to be heard!


15. Oh, nice body spray!