Best Elder Scrolls Blades Strategy says do NOT buy Silver Chests

    Elder Scrolls Blades Silver Chests Bethesda

    Elder Scrolls Blades was one of the most awaited games for smartphone gamers in 2019. This was the first Elder Scrolls game to come out for smartphones and gamers were very excited. However, early reviews for the game have been deeply disappointing because of excessive microtransactions. However, things are going to change now.

    Elder Scrolls Blades Bethesda Reducing Microtransactions

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    Let us take a closer look at Elder Scrolls Blades – what made it a disappointment and what Bethesda is doing to fix it.

    Elder Scrolls Blades Microtransactions Controversy

    The biggest problem with Elder Scrolls Blades is that there are too many microtransactions. While every game has microtransactions every now and then, but Blades has so many of them that it almost comes off as a pay-to-win game.

    Elder Scrolls Blades Microtransactions

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    The silver chests, in particular, are one of the biggest obstacles in the game. While the treasure chests can open without paying, but they take way too long. However, if you pay, they open up instantly. This led to a lot of outrage in the gaming community – and finally, Bethesda, the developer of Elder Scrolls Blades, has taken note.

    Bethesda Looking Forward to Remove/Reduce Excessive Microtransactions

    Elder Scrolls Blades Silver Chests

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    Bethesda said in a Tweet that they are looking forward to “rebalancing the most difficult enemy in the game… the silver chest.” 

    In simpler terms, this means that the company has received the feedback well and is now going to work towards reducing the microtransactions. Even if they do not reduce the number of microtransactions, it is still a possibility that Bethesda might just reduce the time it takes to open the silver chests in Elder Scrolls Blades.

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