The Elder Scrolls Blades’ developers have become greedy and it’s hurting the game

    Elder Scrolls Blades Bethesda Microtransactions

    After a long wait, Elder Scrolls Blades finally went live for players who had signed up for the early access of the game on Android and iOS devices. Considering that this was the first Elder Scrolls game to release for smartphones, there was a lot of hype about this game. However, it appears that the developers of this game, Bethesda, have turned greedy!

    Elder Scrolls Blades Gaming Microtransactions

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    The fact that the game has microtransactions at almost every level is going to be the straw that will break the camel’s back. The Elder Scrolls Blades is Bethesda’s next big game after Fallout 76 – which also faced a similar problem. Here’s a closer look:

    Elder Scrolls Blades: Too Many Microtransactions

    Elder Scrolls Blades has introduced a ‘chest system’ where opening chests will give you rewards. However, the best of the rewards are inside the gold and silver chests which take a long time to open unless you pay for them.

    Elder Scrolls Blades Bethesda Microtransactions

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    In addition to that, the gear needs to be upgraded for several missions. Upgrading the gear takes a long time.. unless you pay for it. Elder Scrolls Blade is an otherwise good game which falls flat on its face due to frequent microtransactions.

    Elder Scrolls Blades: Bethesda Gone Greedy?

    While microtransactions are quite bothersome, the game has basically become a pay-to-win situation. This means that users who really want to succeed in this game would have to shell out a large amount of money.

    Elder Scrolls Blades Fans Upset with Devs

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    Analysts point out that a large number of users would begin playing Elder Scrolls Blades, pay the odd $20-$30 and then exit it eventually!

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