Think before you speak on the internet. There are plenty of people online ready with a clever comeback or the perfect burn for those who don’t take an extra second before posting or commenting. We were able to collect the best comebacks from the week here in one place thanks to the r/CleverComebacks forum on Reddit.


1. They call her “Colonel”.


2. Wonder if they really do.


3. Now that’s a clever comeback.


4. The mother Earth.


5. Doesn’t seem like a one-sided fight.


6. A solid proof.


7. Don’t let the faith fade away.


8. Jesus said to sit down.


9. That’s a good crossover movie title.


10. Still not delivered.


11. Who is it?


12. “D*ck masks”


13. Too close.


14. Trading followers for height.


15. Sounds like a balanced world.


16. Nothing would be shown.


17. The person isn’t to be schooled.