Think before you speak on the internet. There are plenty of people online ready with a clever comeback or the perfect burn for those who don’t take an extra second before posting or commenting. We were able to collect the best comebacks from the week here in one place thanks to the r/CleverComebacks forum.


1. “Call me Colonel”


2. When no one’s around.


3. That’s some false Dichotomy.


4. “Earth”


5. It’s definitely not a one-sided fight.


6. Here’s the proof.


7. Good to keep the faith.


8. What a comeback!


9. The infinity pearls.


10. Not yet delivered.


11. The guy with glasses.


12. If it helps…


13. Got the Hut Pizza-ed.


14. Trade ’em all right away!


15. Seems like an equivalent comeback.


16. Won’t show anything.


17. “Don’t tell me how”