Cats are indeed lovely creatures, and they tend to do some funny things, that amuse us a lot. As pets, they can be pretty entertaining. They can be now seen in tons of memes across the internet.

Scroll down for an awesome dose of laughter with these funny Cat pictures and memes:

1. This cat just learned how to turn the lamp on and off again.

2. Once you wake your cat for no reason.

3. Boomers on Tinder starter pack.

4. The only time I make life decisions.

5. The perfect Metal band doesn’t exis…


6. When you’re a 2-3-year-old kid and have no clue about sex, but watch your parents do it.


7. When your younger sibling breaks something, but you are blamed as well.


8. When your girlfriend wakes you up in the middle of the night and then asks you to make a cup of coffee for her.


9. When you’ve had enough of third-wheeling.


10. My friends when they see me talking to a girl.


11. When your friend asks you to hang out, and you tell them that you already got plans.

Your plan:


12. How it feels sharing your bed with your cat.


13.  When you’re running late for your date, but your cat needs a walk.


14. When your sibling always manages to find the chocolates that you hide and eats them all.


15. When you wanna cut down on those calories, but junk food tempts you.


16. Its arrival was predicted in ancient times.


17. When it’s Monday, and you wake up, but then you realize that you have an off.


18. People bragging about their favorite cuisine vs. someone telling they like Pineapple Pizza.


19. When you wake up in the middle of the night and hear your roomies talking about you.


20. When you wake up in the middle of the night for no reason, and can’t go back to sleep.


21. Me taking out money from my sibling’s wallet, without waking him up.


22. Shortest thrill plot.


23. The typical weekday and weekend story.


24. My cat when it sees a Cucumber.


25. This cat has mastered the art of squatting.


26. When you’re tempted to take a piece from your birthday cake before it is even cut, but you gotta make sure no one’s watching.


27. This cat figured out how the fridge works, and now has turned on the freshwater.


28. When you are about to ask out your crush, but see them with someone else, and you feel betrayed.



29. My cat sure is afraid of being taken to a vet.


30. My cat lying down on the staircase because I didn’t give her fried chicken.



31. Claiming to work under pressure in an interview vs. actually working under pressure.


32. My cat in the middle of the night, when I’m fast asleep.


33. Close enough.


33. Me relieved to know that the food I ate is delicious, and I’ll get more of it to eat tomorrow.


34. When I’m woken up by mom, only to listen that I didn’t get good grades.


35. My cat feeling guilty after breaking a vase.