Ben and Jerry cbd cannabis ice cream

Ben and Jerry announced its plan to release cannabis CBD infused ice cream. It also urged the government to reconsider its stance regarding the legality of CBD infused foods and beverages.

Ben and Jerry CBD infused ice cream

Ben And Jerry has something to say to the government as it plans to release a cannabis CBD Infused Ice Cream

Ben and Jerry CEO Matthew McCarth said that the move is for their fans who are looking for more fun from everything they offer from non-dairy indulgences to on-the-go portions with their Pint Slices.

The chief noted though that they only intend to roll the product out to the market until adding cannabidiol (CBD) to food and beverages becomes legal across the county.

Ben and Jerry are active in urging the government to make significant amendments to the law relating to the use of the cannabis plant. The company recently submitted recommendations to the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to reconsider the legality of CBD infused foods.

The company noted that a significant confusion regarding CBD legality still exists in the state and federal levels. While the Congress recently approved a bill which legalizes the sale of CBD infused products such as ointments and creams, the FDA still restricts firms from selling ingestible products.

On their website, Ben and Jerry expressed optimism with a public hearing on the legalization of CBD infused foods and beverages already set on 31 May. The company also ask their fans to submit comments to the FDA in support of the advocacy.

Cannabis-infused CBD ice cream will not get people high as CBD is different from the psychoactive compound in the hemp plant known as THC.

Beer companies enter into the cannabis industry

Ben And Jerry has something to say to the government as it plans to release a cannabis CBD Infused Ice Cream

Two of the biggest beer companies in the world announced last year their big plans to step into the cannabis industry.

Heineken’s California based unit Lagunitas plans to produce a non-alcohol THC infused beer to be known as Hi-Fi Hops. It will be sold for about $8 at select cannabis dispensaries.

Each can of Hi-fi Hops will only contain 10mg of the psychoactive compound which is equivalent to what is found in cannabis-infused gummy bear.

Heineken also offers multi-flavoured 100mg Dixie Elixirs for about $30 per can.

Corona’s parent company Constellation Brands also announced that it would invest $4 billion into Canopy Growth, a leading cannabis producer in Canada.