Robin Williams was one of the rare, tour-de-force performers who was able to bring a thousand characters to life. Fans and celebrities shared their love for the late comedian.

Williams’s heart was as big as the characters he portrayed, according to those who worked with him. Some of his co-stars have shared stories about him, from the time he put on an impromptu comedy show in a park to the time he wrote to a younger costar to reverse her expulsion.

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1. While filming the movie Patch Adams, he gave a sweet nickname to a special child actor.


2. While filming Jumanji, he taught the child actor Bradley Pierce how to meditate.


3. On the set of the movie Mrs. Doubtfire, Williams entertained child actors with puppets and poop jokes.


4. He wrote a letter of support to one of his co-stars who got expelled from high school for spending too much time on the movie Mrs. Doubtfire.


5. Williams calmed down Norm Macdonald before his performance at Letterman set with a Yiddish Tailor impression.


6. He gave a young actor who loved Dead Poets Societ a Walt Whitman poetry book while filming the movie Hook.



8. When the producers of the movie The Crazy Ones surprised Williams with a former co-star, he got emotional.


9. While filming the movie Good Will Hunting, Williams performed an impromptu comedy in the park.


10. Garry Marshall saw Williams upside down when he first him for the audition of the movie Mork & Mindy.


11. On the set of the movie The Fisher Knight, Williams did 45-minute standup routine to overcome difficulties.


12. While filming the movie Awakenings, Williams accidentally broke Robert De Niro’s nose.