Google Doodle Celebrating Mother's Day

The undying effort to upgrade technology has progressed a way for multiplayer games, animated GIFs, and Artificial Intelligence equipped activities to enter in the sphere of possibilities. Backing on the principle of inclusivity, Nate Swinehart, staff artist at Google Doodlers, designed her first multiplayer game Doodle focusing advanced Doodles.

The efforts behind Doodle

Taking inspiration from ease of access to technology, Google Doodle’s design team produces over 500 artistic reiterations of the Google logo each year. From glorifying tributes to historical figures to honouring national and international events, Google Doodle is for everything.

Google Doodle Celebrating Today

Mother’s Day Doodle is what doing the rounds on the internet today.

Google Doodle is upgrading with time

Referring to the evolution of Doodle publishing that started over 21 years ago, the Doodle team lead, Jessica Yu confirms changes occurred over time, and says,

“Initially, when Doodles were on the home page, they were just a static image. And that’s all the bandwidth that people could afford.”

What inspired today’s Google Doodle?

The spirit of internet accessibility is what keeps the Google Doodle team going.  By overcoming the barrier of the file size, Mother’s Day Doodle animated GIF is reportedly in

“a much smaller and more compact format.”

[fvplayer id=”935″]

Nate Swinehart of team Google Doodle and an artist at core said,

“We really had to craft an experience that was not going to exclude anyway,”

“And it was going to be enjoyable to matter the level of comfort with games, really celebrating connecting people,” she added.

The mother’s day Google Doodle is designed in a way that ensures viewership attainability with all the levels of bandwidth.  All in all, a good move to celebrate mother’s day with Google Doodle.

“It’s a huge responsibility representing these topics,”

“You want to do these amazing people justice,” she added.