There is a very brave Stylist by the name of Konstantin Bogomolov. He agrees to change people’s looks. He and his team are always up to deliver changes if a young man or elderly woman comes to him.

According to his website, he started developing a new direction of image design in the ’90s. It aroused a lot of interest in society and the media. The practicability and relevance of the chosen direction have been confirmed by the time and authority that Konstantin gained in this field.

Konstantin considers himself as the number one stylist in Latvia.


1. Irina, a 51 years old painter.


2. Kristina, a 37 years old Psychologist.


3. Jūratė, a 49 years old housewife.


4. Oksana, a 34 years old Manager.


5. Tatiana, a 57 years old Entrepreneur.


6. Evgenia, a 30 years old photo studio owner.


7. Olga, a 52 years old Yoga teacher.


8. Tatiana, a 43 years old operator.


9. Elena, a 42 years old bank employee.


10. Natalia, a 40 years old health worker.


11. Nadezhda, a 28 years old manager.


12. Līga, a 38 years old transport coordinator.


13. Svetlana, a 50 years old entrepreneur.


14. Aleksandr, a 36 years old auto mechanic.


15. Gunita, a 40 years old housewife.


16. Kristine, a 44 years old lawyer.


17. Ilona, a 39 years old Economist.


18. Vilma, a 39 years old designer.


19. Svetlana, a 43 years old accountant.


20. Maria, a 34 years old financier.


21. Inga, a 42 years old educator.


22. Iklima, a 63 years old producer.


23. Irina, a 56 years old manager.


24, a Vladimir, a 31 years old web technologies specialist.


25. Elina, a 31 years old interior designer.


26. Inga, a 41 years old transport logistician.


27. Lina, a 40 years old painter.


28. Tatyana, a 46 years old Manager.


29. Ekaterina, a 38 years old doctor.


30. Dace, a 40 years old pedagogue.