What catches your eye when you see someone for the first time? Face, hair, or costume? Of course, we usually pay more attention to the upper body. So if you want to express yourself easily and make others like you, the best choice is to get yourself a special haircut. As a result, many are willing to invest a lot of money and time into a new haircut.

There are several ways we can wash our hair. Some people like to follow ongoing trends while others want something special and unique. But do not forget about the important role of the hairdresser. The reason is simple. They make out hair fine and shine. Let’s take the people from the list below as examples. They upset the barber with their confused feelings, but unfortunately, the result was a bad haircut. Scroll down to check them all out and don’t laugh too much. Kidding.


1. The rat haircut.


2. The Pineapple haircut.


3. Not sure what to call this haircut.


4. Very unique spider haircut.


5. The two-faced guy haircut.


6. The “no need to comb” haircut.


7. This haircut’s power level is over 9000!


8. You gotta be kidding…


9. The lizard haircut.


10. This haircut needs a Beetle to roll it away.


11. The Dolphin haircut.


12. “You think I’m bald? Nah…”


13. The headaches this haircut causes must be on another level.


14. Client: You know the movie up? Barber: Say no more…


15. The microphone head haircut.


16. The haircut of the Argentinian politician Javier Milei.


17. Half punk haircut.


18. The pizza slice haircut.


19. An attempt to do the bowl cut.


20. What you studied vs. what actually came on the test.


21. That terrified look though.


22. The ice cream shake haircut.


23. The barcode haircut.


24. The Tomato haircut.


25. “Are we still friends?”