This is a strange one. Thomas Bowers, a banker who worked for a bank that handled Jeffrey Epstein’s money, was found dead recently. It looks like he killed himself by hanging, which is what a source’s report says. He had turned 55. Stranger still, the news outlets that are talking about the banker’s death seem determined to link him and Deutsche Bank to Donald Trump. Not Jeffrey Epstein.

As early as 2012, Thomas Bowers was the head of wealth management at Deutsche Bank. A source says that Epstein has been using their private banking services since 2013.

Deutsche Bank executives are still trying to understand the depth and scope of the bank’s relationship with Mr. Epstein, who has been a client of its private-banking division since at least 2013 — years after his conduct became public in a prostitution case involving a teenage girl. Mr. Epstein struck a lenient plea deal that included a non-prosecution agreement from federal authorities, and the case has been held up as a glaring example of how the wealthy and well-connected can evade consequences.

A source, which focused on Donald Trump, said that Thomas Bowers was the one who signed off on loans. So he did deal with his client’s money on a daily basis.

A former Deutsche Bank executive who signed off on several controversial loans to Donald Trump was being discussed as part of an FBI probe into the bank where he acted as a ‘gatekeeper’ for its wealthiest customers before his death.

A source said this of Bowers:

One source who has direct knowledge of the FBI’s investigation into Deutsche Bank said that federal investigators have asked about Bowers and documents he might have. Another source who has knowledge of Deutsche Bank’s internal structure said that Bowers would have been the gatekeeper for financial documents for the bank’s wealthiest customers.Bowers retired from Deutsche Bank in 2015, where he held the title Head of Wealth Management in the Americas, per a bank release in 2012. Prior to that, Bowers was the Head of Private Wealth Management.

Again, most of the media is only interested in Trump. Not the pedophile who didn’t kill himself by hanging himself as Thomas Bowers did. Deutsche Bank had ties to Jeffrey Epstein and had a hard time getting rid of those ties. Jeffrey Epstein was a well-known pedophile. Still, a lot of news outlets are trying to make it sound like Bowers was more connected to Trump than Epstein. Curious, no?

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Since they didn’t win the election, the media and the left have been after Donald Trump. Jeffrey Epstein was undoubtedly apprehended and not killed this summer. Since the billionaire kid-screwer died, the conspiracy about Epstein’s supposed self-lynching has only grown. On November 19, 2019, the body of a banker who may have known Jeffrey Epstein was found in a similar way to how Epstein’s body was found.

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